Microsoft Teams Adoption Hub launched

A new resource hub for Microsoft Teams Adoption was launched. It provides supportiv material for users and guidiance in your company.

The hub will be improved over time so stay tuned and take a look around to see what’s new.


What’s new in managing Microsoft Teams 11-2018?

Microsoft announced a few helpful and nice new features regarding administration of Teams. First of all, there are admin roles to manage different parts of Teams, e.g. 

  • Teams Service Administrator: Overall Teams admin
  • Teams Communication Administrator: Meetings/calling admin
  • Teams Communication Support Engineer: Advanced call analytics admin.
  • Teams Communication Support Specialist: Basic call analytics admin.

Additionally, you’ll be able to manage all of your (enterprise) Teams by using the Teams Admin Center. Pretty nice feature.

For automation Microsoft added also some new features to the Graph API. These now enable you as administrator to manage and automate the Teams lifecycle! You can …

  • … provision large groups
  • … automatically create a team space as well as channels
  • … deploy apps in a team space and channels  

For details and more information you can read the details on the blog post by Microsoft ( Also take a look on the dev tutorials referenced in Microsoft’s blog post video.

Ignite 2018 Book of News

Microsoft announced the “Ignite 2018 Book of News” in its monthly Office 365 video podcast on Youtube. You can now download the 27 pages PDF which sums up all major news and annoucements which were made on Microsoft Ignite 2018. You can find news regarding Office 365 on page 24 et sqq.

News from Teams and SFB from Ignite 2018

Last week (24. – 28. of September 2018) Microsoft Ignite 2018 took place in Orlando, FL, USA. There were several news and announcements regarding intelligent communication based on Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business (Server) and related technology and services.

You can find a link list of interesting sessions regarding Teams and Skype for Business, here and of course you can watch the recordings of the sessions on demand, if available.

In case you wan a bulk download of the contents, there is a useful PowerShell script you can get from the TechNet Script Gallery.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams for September 2018?

There are a some interesting news regarding Microsoft Teams for this/past month (August/September 2018) which I’d like to sum up and share with you:

  1. Skype for Business Online and Teams feature-parity is reached based on the official roadmap (pretty nice!)
    (Cp. external source:, roadmap

    1. Messaging feature-parity (for details see above external links)
    2. Meetings feature-parity (for details see above external links)
    3. Calling feature-parity (for details see above external links)
    4. Replace Skype for Business Online over time with Teams
  2. You can now choose your mic and speaker (headset) before joining a Microsoft Teams Call/Conf
    (Cp. external source:
  3. Microsoft Teams Launches Canada, Australia and Japan Data Residency
    (Cp. external source:,
  4. I’m also looking forward to Microsoft Ignite 2018 to get some Team news and insights …

Enjoy working with Teams and the extended rich feature set.

Get Microsoft Teams for free to enhance your collaboration expierence if you haven’t yet tried

Do you want to try Microsoft Teams? You can now easily get Teams and evaluate some basic communication and collaboration features for up to 300 people. E.g. unlimited chat, search, 10 GB for storing your team data, 2 GB per person, audio/video meetings (P2P, multiparty), Office Online apps, third party apps and of course internal as well as external communication and collaboration.

For more details go and visit the Microsoft Teams Blog Post:


What about Skype for Business (Server) GDPR?

Since May 25th, 2018 companies/organisations need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (de: DSGVO, Datenschutz-Grundverordnung) if they don’t massive penalties can be the consequence. During a project I was asked regarding Skype for Business (Server) GDPR-compliance. I assume that many SFB admins or service owners were also asked this?

Therefore I’d like to note that Microsoft provides a page on explaining the key aspects for GDPR/DSGVO regarding Skype for Business (Server).

The parent page refers to other Office Server on premise server products and GDPR/DSGVO related information.